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At just 34 years old, the actress repeats with Álex de la Iglesia in El Cuarto Pasajero, her return to the cinema after the success of the series Jaguar.

With her flawless smile and resounding, classic beauty, as soon as she greets you from the bus marquee dressed in fall fashion trends, she invites you to wear lingerie or try out the latest smartphone in a press or television advertisement. Omnipresent as the image of various brands, Blanca Suárez drags 4.7 million followers pending each post on Instagram, where she is careful not to cross the red line of her private life.

But beyond that facet of a style icon, the actress from Madrid has accumulated 15 years of career and recognition, like hers, two Ondas de Ella and the Goya Award nomination for best revelation actress for La Piel que Habito. She chats with the Magazine from her house, together with Pistacho, her inseparable dachshund (“he is the king”), and hers, two of her cats, that ‘family’ that she sometimes shows up on social networks. she. “Here they are, following every step I take; whoever has animals at home already knows what I’m talking about”.

After the filming of the film Me he hecho viral, it has promoted two premieres, El test by Dani de la Orden and El Cuarto Pasajero by Álex de la Iglesia, who once again turns the lives of his fictional protagonists upside down.

Why is it worth going to see El Cuarto Pasajero?
Because I think we can’t miss anything Álex de la Iglesia does, a guy who has a gift for making fiction.

Pure entertainment or is there reflection?
Álex always plays to express a little the miseries of the human being, how someone is transformed, depending on the circumstances. In his cinema the plot and the characters are twisted in such a way that the film explodes in itself. I play Lorena, an apparently normal girl who comes to Madrid to earn a living, but she gets together with the other characters and everything gets complicated. Her life will no longer be the same.

El Test, its other premiere, asks if we all have a price, based on the dilemma: What would you choose 100,000 euros today or 1 million in 10 years? What would you do?
I am one of those who thinks in the million. I would wait. I would be patient, yes.

He just turned 34. What adjective do you give to this moment in your life?
I would not put a specific adjective. It is not a defining moment in my life. Due to the peculiarity of this work, no stage is the same as the previous one, you always face new things. Your life is constantly evolving. But at any time, I always try to touch a lot of ground, that there is at least one part of me that is not constantly changing.

With this job you will never get bored.
This hooks, it’s quite addictive, but it has a double face. Instability prevents you from getting bored, but at the same time it causes insecurity in many ways. You have to accept it.

How do you live with the feeling of always being exposed to the opinion of others, the pressure on the physical?
Depends on the day and when you get caught. This profession is like that, there is no way around it, but sometimes you ask yourself: Why do I have to accept certain things? This is a job, it does not mean that your whole being has to be always exposed to that public eye, that they observe you as a human being.

It has always marked the border of their intimacy. Is she respected?
One does what she can, then whoever is in front of you gets what she wants and you have to deal with it and put a stop to that excessive interest in your personal life. Nobody cares about certain information except me and whoever I decide. Anyone (I imagine you too) does not talk about their intimacy with all their friends but chooses a few people to vent. If it’s what everyone does in their lives… I’m not going to tell them to the whole of Spain! I am very careful not to cross that private line, also in networks.

Recently, she stopped that eternal “gender” question again: if she wants to be a mother. What other issues bother you?
They have been asking me since I was 19 years old when I am going to be a mother and get married. I’m surprised they keep insisting. It doesn’t happen with boys. They are asked about their personal life, but there are questions that they continue to label as “women’s”. In my case, seriously, every time they see me, the question falls. It is a very crazy thing. I think it is something that should not be asked of anyone, out of politeness. They are violent topics, very personal and that do not concern anyone. They are not light questions.

Where do you want to direct your career? Jump to Hollywood? Television, cinema?
In this job, I don’t see it clearly to mark a path for you. Fantasizing brings with it frustration, if you project something and it doesn’t happen. It’s such an uncertain profession that this afternoon I could receive an offer or a film that’s already closed suddenly drop. My experience tells me that the most practical and healthy thing is to decide on what comes up. Fewer headaches. Yes to be clear here yes or here no, but life itself is a surprise.

Any red lines?
No, not a priori, for the same reason. You have to see yourself in situations, what life brings you or what it doesn’t bring you and what you must agree to do.

Jaguar provided projection without leaving the country: the powerful global television against the cinema in crisis. Lately he has opted for the cinema. Do you have any series in sight?
Right now no, I have coincided with a lot of cinema, true. One does what is left, depending on what you are valued for. After the pandemic, a lot is produced, but theaters still need an audience. Although platforms are here to stay, cinema must coexist with them. I wish.

When did you decide on this job?
It was emerging. When I was 7 years old I wanted to start theater because my friends had a great time. He could have stayed in one more after-school, but he hooked me. From there I went to theater school, then to a micro-company, to a test… and until now.

How do you build the characters?
Depends. Sometimes you have to document a lot, other times it’s one hundred percent fiction and you create from scratch. Dedication, the same, because you have to be serious and rigorous, but each role and project require different energies.

Do you prefer the director to give a lot of directions or freedom?
The more information he provides about how he wants things and guides you clearly, the better. He is the boss and you have to pay attention to him. The best thing is that the whole team flows, the more flexibility we all have, the better because we all contribute things. I don’t have the absolute truth, my work is also nourished by makeup and hairdressing, by the director’s notes…

With Almodóvar or De la Iglesia I imagine that you have to be docile.
With all directors, and especially with such iconic filmmakers and with such particular worlds, one has to know who is in front of them and what they want. You must be open to entering his world, not fighting to do something else. His world is this, you know in what code you are moving. In general, in life you have to know how to place yourself, in everything.

Looks like he gets it…
I try to be sane and located, because the profession already has a good part of madness. But I try not to let my work be governed by that because it’s like a kind of recipe in which you have to put the right ingredients for each thing, so that you don’t miss too much of anything.

What is wrong with this job?
The schedules! Well, it is better to say the uncertainty. Knowing that today you have a job and maybe tomorrow you won’t. But when you are already in flour, rolling, the change of schedules makes your body and your vital energy go crazy. One day you have to be like a rose at five in the morning, another day the other way around. You must be very flexible and surrender: it is so.

He has said that he tries hard to keep his feet on the ground. How do you get it from the bubble of success? Her boyfriend is also an actor, Javier Rey, his day to day is special, between events…
Look, I would turn it around. In my life, the most real thing is my little personal bubble, where I am, my friends from school, my family, my animals, my house. Where my refuge is and people look at me with the most real eyes. The other part of my life is a reality too, it’s not fictional, but it’s my job, which is really cool and fun, it allows you to be whatever you want. But real life is when you wake up with your makeup off and make yourself a coffee.

What would you say is missing from your life?
I think it would be bold to ask, from the privileged place in which I find myself. We all want more, of course, in the good sense of the word. Let things continue to happen to us, but I always tell myself: ‘Appreciate what you have more and don’t ask’. And if you don’t ask, maybe surprise things will come to you that are even cooler.

What can’t you stand in others?
The little honesty, the lack of sense of humor. And also the people who talk nonstop and don’t listen.

What would be your life motto?
I don’t have slogans, because what works for you today probably won’t work for you tomorrow.

What are you afraid of?
As a child she was very afraid of the dark, something of that still remains. But above all, my great fear is that the people I love will disappear.

What is your best virtue?
I think calm, in general. I lose it from time to time, like everyone else, but broadly speaking it could be that one. Let’s see, we all have a little bit of stress, but when the press asks you, you’re not going to tell them about your miseries either.

What would you change about her character?
I would like to be less lazy.

Do you feel that your beauty is emphasized more than your talent?
I haven’t really felt that way. I think there has been a balance in that sense, for how these things are usually handled in the media. I have been complimented and that, why not say it, is fine. But I also felt taken seriously. And that they talked about my work. Sometimes certain media focus more on the physique, but in a more gossip way, that if I’m plumper or I wear such makeup, it’s those kinds of headlines.

What worries you today?
Wow, I have quite a long list. Since I can remember, I seem to remember that this is the moment that, at all levels, causes me the most surprise and stupefaction. I’m surprised. And every day that passes, oysters, the planet surpasses you. In all senses, political, social… My head is starting to explode. I would be unable to list now, it would require a thorough discussion. My goodness, we have to focus a little, because we’re going to shit. It’s heavy metal. The human being is reaching a rather stratospheric limit. Everything is in danger, everywhere.

Disappointed in politicians in our country? Who gives you confidence?
Trust… man, I have hope because since I’ve lost it completely… The political world is something that I talk about, debate, in my personal life, but publicly it’s something so tricky… and it’s sad that it’s like that, huh. but to enter depending on what debates, it’s not that I don’t feel like it, because one would start talking and could blurt out anything. But I think it’s better to do what you have to do in private. That is my option today, tomorrow who knows.

In Jaguar, she is a Nazi-hunting spy. Are you worried about the rise of the extreme right?
Sure, of course. She worries me about everything, machismo, war conflicts… I encompass it all in that surprise that basic things, drawers, values ​​with which my parents have educated me, are suddenly in danger.

How should we respond?
I wish I had an answer. She would have done it already. We live in an age of individualism. Or we move as a group and look at each other without thinking only about our good or bad future, we and the entire planet. Very uncertain, I see it that way.

He has 4.7 million followers on instagram. On ‘lazy’ days, do you protect yourself from the networks?
Neither on good days nor on bad days do I pay too much attention to comments. Luckily, they are usually wonderful but there are also those that are not. Networks are complicated. The good is not so good and the bad is not so bad. Posting comments on the Internet is very easy and sometimes we are not aware that what we write can affect the person. I don’t look at the comments in detail, I don’t think it gives me much, either for better or for worse. I include the compliments. It is precious and to be thankful for and the ego must be fed, but you cannot feed yourself only on the good, on people who, even if you do things wrong, will tell you: “it doesn’t matter, it’s great!” What is the percentage of reality in the comments?

This high number of ‘followers’ can be useful in social causes. Do you use that power?
In private I participate, I am active, but I have never known how to use my visible face to support causes. Being a champion of certain struggles, publishing it on the networks is difficult for me, I do not know very well how to manage it. What do I participate in and what not? I have the dilemma of not knowing how to do it, so for now I do it privately. It is a pending subject for me. There are a lot of people who are mean with themes and I have to learn from them how they do it.

Have you experienced any harassment denounced by “#Me Too”?
No the truth is no. Luckily I haven’t seen it nor has it happened to me.

How do you imagine yourself in 20 years?
I can’t imagine… 20 years ago you told me what I was going to do and I would have been amazed. In 20 years I think my life is going to change a lot, I’m sure and hopefully, not because I want it to change but because evolution is necessary and we must look for it. I hope I never get stuck. I hope to continue doing the same. But what I want most is that the people I love are well, the rest… May life surprise me!

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We interviewed one of the most recognized actresses in our country. The film El Test has just premiered, and we have talked with her about this and other projects, about how she feels at this point in her career and how her personal and professional future looks.

It is said soon, but it has been 15 years since we “met” Blanca Suárez (Madrid, 1988). The quotation marks refer to the metaphorical nature of the matter, because it was through the televisions of our respective salons that this actress sneaked in, that she began her career playing Julia Medina in the successful series El Internado. Blanca arrived like a hurricane at Laguna Negra school and, from that start, that could well be the description of what her career has been (and is being, wow): a real hurricane.

As expected, years later she received the recognition she deserved: the 2011 nomination for a Goya for Best Newcomer Actress, thanks to La piel que habito (2011), by Pedro Almodóvar, and from that year on we saw her in many and diverse projects, such as in the series El Barco (2011) and Las Chicas del Cable (2016) or in films such as Los amantes pasajeros (2013), by Pedro Almodóvar, Mi gran noche (2015 ), by Álex de la Iglesia or El Bar (2017), also by Álex de la Iglesia. And these are just a few examples, because her non-stop translates today into an imaginary that we all have very clear: if it comes to naming one of the most recognized Spanish actresses in the country, she is on the list.

This woman is about to turn 34 and, now, which is when she defines her medium-term future as “calm”, she is not lacking in projects either: she has just premiered El Test, by Dani de la Orden, “a very funny film, but that also makes us reflect on the nature of human beings”, as he says. In it, she shares the stage with actors of the stature of Alberto San Juan, Miren Ibarguren, Carlos Santos and Antonio Resines, and we have had the opportunity to chat with her about this and other projects, as well as her current situation, about how she is doing thirty and how what ‘is coming’ is presented.

How was your summer?
It has gone quite well. I managed to go away and spend a fairly quiet ‘little month’. Sometimes, it is good to disconnect and get out of your normal environment a little to get away from your life, see it with perspective and come back with enthusiasm.

And have you brought any reflection?
Not especially. I know it’s okay to spend time doing reflections for one. But vacations are also to rest… from you. So, I’ve rested from myself (laughs). I give a lot of thought to things and to the head and others. Putting yourself ‘in plan’ flat encephalogram is also necessary, and that is what I have done.

Tell us about your next premiere: El Test.
It is a very funny film, but it also makes us reflect on the nature of human beings and how we really are, I mean: just put yourself in a position that is apparently quite absurd or banal – such as the one that arises in the movie– so that our true selves come out there. And in this movie the true being of all its characters comes out. In general, it is very curious to see ourselves in different situations to know what we are like and what foot we limp on… We can get surprises…

Would you say that you are in a good vital moment?
Yes. Although I don’t think I’ve been in a bad time in life in general. I think that in the end everything is like a roller coaster that, if you push me, even goes for days. In other words, we don’t wake up one day the same as the day before. So, I think I feel happiness every day and every moment, but come on, being calm…, it’s enough for me.

How would you describe the current moment in your career?
Like a serene moment, really, because there have been some very stressful moments. Luckily, there are projects, but there is also a calm and for my part there is not much anxiety to do and achieve things or cover stages or things like that. This is a profession in which things appear, you can provoke them or look for them, but you also have to be very aware that there is a part of “surrendering to what comes”, which is inevitable, because normally the decisions in our work do not You take them: they think of you and propose to you. I think I’m in a kind of change of stage or getting closer to something… I’m not 20 anymore and I guess I’m getting closer to something that I don’t really know what it is, but I’m growing.

You say that you are no longer 20 years old, how are you doing in your thirties?
Well, the truth is that quite well. I’m not one of those who turned 30 and suddenly had a ‘shock’. I have more now than when I turned 30, suddenly, in October I am 34. And you see that you move forward and that you were no longer 29 yesterday. It is a rare moment. It is also true that the 20 of us now… I see them older than when I had them, they give us a thousand turns to those of us who are 10 or 12 years older.

And what do you think 16-year-old Blanca would think of what you’ve achieved so far?
She would freak out. I think she would be quite surprised. But not because of the “how strong, my dream was” thing, but because of being totally surprised, because in the end life went there. At 16 she didn’t have any flowers at all. She did not project me with 34, but go, I think that Blanca would be in plan: “How strong everything that has happened to you.”

We’ve been quite surreal for two years, how has the current context affected you?
I consider that whoever says that this has not changed him, that it has not meant, no matter how small, some change in his life, is impossible. But I’m looking at it more in the long term. When all this madness started, “I didn’t go crazy”, but it has left a lot of fear and changes in the way we relate to the world, to people, the way we manage being with many people or with little, making many long-term plans…

If you stop to think about it, what does it mean for you to be one of the best-known actresses in the country?
I think that one is not very aware of this, because in the end, since you have been working for so long and things are happening so little by little and it has not been something like: “I do this job and suddenly… it takes”, It’s been like little by little, it’s something I’ve been living with. Then, too, my life is quite closed, in the sense that my circle is what it is. New people are coming in and such, but I’m not very aware.

That’s also good for mental health, right?
Yes, of course, of course.

What would you say have been your best work experiences?
One of the best things about this profession is that you find yourself in situations that, perhaps, if you didn’t dedicate yourself to this, you wouldn’t agree, nor would you experience ‘random’ or special situations. For example, I remember that once they opened the Alhambra just for us, to shoot at 5am, and we watched the sunrise from there. In other words, that of going to locations that you can only access, for example, in a helicopter at an hour, or entering places that only open you because you are going to do a shoot, because it is you, and that they also love to teach you … Is incredible. You also have the chance to travel the world and meet people you’ve only seen in magazines or that you’ve followed since you were a little girl… So, I’ll stick with that.

Something more banal… have you left your bangs, for something specific?
Because she was bored as an oyster. Do you know that feeling of looking in the mirror and saying: I’m bored? It had been a long time since I changed my ‘look’, too, and I said: why not. And I started to cut my bangs.

You recently opened TikTok, why do you think you should be present in this ‘app’?
For gossiping, absolutely. I don’t think it’s me TikTok meat, but there it is. I like Instagram more, although everything is quite addictive.

Precisely for this reason, and for mental health reasons, there are many artists who advocate getting away from the networks, have you ever thought about doing it?
No. What I do is learn to live with them. If you treat them as a work or communication tool… fine, but of course, they are dangerous. And you realize that, above all, if one day you forget your mobile phone at home or you are aware that you resort to it in general and to social networks in moments of boredom. I mean, not because you’re going to see something, it’s that you don’t even open it wanting to see it. It is that you open it because you cannot wait two minutes looking at the horizon or you cannot get into a taxi without opening the phone. And you see things and you don’t even pay attention. If you think about it, it’s a bit ‘heavy’. And then also because it affects your vision of yourself…

What do you expect from this last quarter of the year?
Well, close it very well. Things are going very quiet. I seek to locate myself, it has been a very disconnected summer. I think we have to refocus and yes, there are projects. We will premiere in October El Cuarto Pasajero, by Álex de la Iglesia. And nothing, I feel like picking up the pace because I’ve seen things with perspective. You also place yourself in another place, you see the people who come, so you also place yourself in another place. They bring the intensity…

What resolutions do you have for September?
None especially, keep flowing!

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