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By Laurine on July 13, 2023 0 Comments

We interviewed Blanca Suárez and Alberto San Juan, co-stars of El cuarto pasajero, the new road movie by Álex de la Iglesia that is now available in theaters. A comedy whose filming was marked by the pandemic, but in which the viewer’s laughter and enjoyment are one hundred percent guaranteed.

You premiere El cuarto pasajero directed by Álex de la Iglesia, how has it been working with him?
A: Working with Álex is in any case a passionate experience because he is. He is someone who goes from enthusiasm to sinking, through anger, through the full range of emotions possible and the seven deadly sins. I see him as a sea captain who liked the storm. If the sea is calm, he summons Poseidon to move the waves because he is a guy who handles himself very well in the middle of battle. I think that’s why he is a director and producer, because he likes to get into the thousand fregaos. Personally, I have felt that I have gotten along very well with him and I would happily repeat.
B: It’s been quite an experience, well, it was the third time I’d worked with him and yes, he’s not afraid of troubled waters or agitation, he handles it well.

We know that your characters meet through a ride-sharing app and from there feelings begin to emerge. Are you one of those who prefer this era of meeting people through social networks or better face to face from the beginning?
B: I have no experience in meeting anyone through social networks hahaha. A priori, times have changed and I suppose the way of meeting other people has also changed. Everything is evolving, I’m not going to say for the better, but it evolves somewhere, and I think many things are lost. We miss a lot by staying behind the screen, in every way, not just flirting.
A: I don’t have networks, so I don’t have experience either. But hey, he could have known by WhatsApp or by email although that has not been the case. I believe that human communication is very good and everything that contributes to making it more fluid and clear is better, what happens is what Blanca says, networks and the Internet contribute to facilitating communication between human beings or not, it depends on their use . We know that in adolescence it seems that it does a lot of damage, trying to give an image that you think improves you, at a stage in which you ask yourself who you are and then suddenly, that clashes with the real perception you have of yourself and it creates a lot of problems at that age. And well, I think like her, that there is nothing compared to you to you, to the personal encounter. If it is already difficult to understand each other in person, the more filters there are, the more difficult it is to understand each other.

What do you think your characters Julián and Lorena share with Alberto and Blanca?
B: I never know how to answer these kinds of questions, but because in the end one, at least in my case, tries to be as little alike as possible, but it’s so difficult. He will have things in common, many, but I would try not to make him look alike, not because I don’t like the character but because of digging inside yourself, that he is different and further away. Of course they will be alike in things because they are not crazy or strange characters.
A: Yes, I believe that the fantasy of every actress or actor is to be another or another, but inevitably you do it and you will always be there. The best movie actor in the world, in my opinion, which is Marlon Brando never stops being Marlon Brando, but he plays different characters and who wouldn’t want to be him as an actor? Things with which I identify with my character, because I am also a bit neurotic, insecure, fearful, but of course, who is not like that to some extent? And I think that for this reason, viewers can empathize with Julián, with Lorena or with the other characters because they are human beings and in the end, human beings are different mixtures of three or four ingredients that are always the same.

Most of the film takes place on the road, what was it like shooting those more static scenes, without many places where the action takes place?
B: For us it was comfortable, I think the technical part was more complicated and it was a challenge, lights, camera shots, planes…, in fact there were different cars and there were several that were literally cut in different ways to fit the camera inside and give more play to that situation because otherwise it would be very limited in that sense.
A: Sure, it’s true, for us it was very comfortable, in a car it’s great hahaha. It was a very particular shoot and, in part, a very difficult experience because it was heavily marked by the pandemic. In fact, it stopped for two or three weeks because we caught several COVIDs, including two of the four protagonists. So, the actors couldn’t eat with the rest of the team, there were isolation measures, everything was weird. We were shooting in Madrid and they asked us not to go home to sleep, the context at that time made it a very atypical shoot. Then there was also a lot of filming on the set because in this film there is a lot of post-production work and digital issues. Always the four of us, almost always together, inside the car, but as Blanca says, sitting isn’t bad.

Of all the moments that this film offers, which one do you remember being the most fun to record? Any anecdote you want to share?
B: Ugh, it’s been almost 3 years since it was shot, but man, I remember when we shot the end of the movie on the motorcycle, which was quite curious because they built a kind of mechanical bull with a motorcycle that simulated that it was jumping and everything, and they put us upstairs to make some plans that could make it look like we were driving it and it was surreal, we laughed a lot there. This that if you see it from the outside takes away the charm of the movies hahaha.
A: What memory do you have hahaha. Then Álex is also a funny guy and Ernesto is also very funny and if he wants to make you laugh a lot. Even though that was a shoot where everyone was wearing a mask, it was a leaden environment. And now it continues to be worn, but there is no color.

If you had a trip like this, what do you think you would do?
A: If I were the fifth passenger and I went with those four companions, I would have a good time if we are talking about a movie, if it happened in reality… not so much, it is a trip in which they hit you, shoot you, you are in constant danger.
B: It’s likely that I didn’t get to the end, I don’t get to Madrid, I prefer to walk hahaha, not because of the people but because of what happens on the way.

Blanca’s mini interview

After all your career as an actress, do you think you have found the balance between what people expect of you and what you expect yourself?
No, and I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever considered. I don’t know what people expect of me, let alone myself. One does what she can as she can at the moment in which it is her turn to do it and you make an effort. It’s very easy, in the case of the film you see it almost two years later and you say “here it is…” and of course, because at that moment it was your moment, you had to do it that way and I was more or less satisfied.

What do you consider to be the greatest learning you have had thanks to your career as an actress?
Well, surely what I just said, facing people makes you understand at some point in life that not everyone can like you and that that’s okay, that it’s not bad at all. And also, every day in this profession they teach you the smallest things that you thought you had already learned from home, because you have to relearn them every day. And also, you learn a lot about yourself, about how you are, about the things that you are good at and what you are not, the ones that scare you and if you do your part a little, you even learn to manage them, you begin at least to live with it.

Fetish item?
The shoes.

If you had to pick one look to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T-shirt and jeans.

Person/character that is a source of inspiration when creating your style?
I have no idea, a person never comes to mind when they ask me this question. We live in an era in which fashion and aesthetics have taken such a leading role that at the end of the world you can scratch a little.

Source : xmag.live