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Blanca Suárez in a bikini and swimsuit, well in several, as the image of Etam and model of the new one-size-fits-all bikini that has a great body.

So many things to tell about this new collection and this campaign image. And so much to comment on the new design of the Etam firm that promises to revolutionize and transform our summer and that of all our lives. Let’s start talking about her, Blanca Suárez, as the image of the Etam firm in its new campaign for the Riviera collection, which is also exclusive for the Spanish market.

We cannot imagine a better model to present the swimsuits and bikinis that we will want to wear this summer, to get an idea of ​​how good they feel. But there is more, a lot more.

It turns out that among the different trend designs, which are all cut outs, triangles, asymmetries, bohemian prints, flowers… There is a new design that the creators of the French firm Etam have invented. This is a one size fits all bikini and swimsuit. What you read. Etam revolutionizes swimwear with this model with a refined sports-inspired silhouette and embossed fabric with a pleasant touch, which adapts to all sizes, curves, body shapes…

In fact, in addition to being worn by Blanca Suárez, on the firm’s website you can see how this same design, in its two-piece bikini and one-piece swimsuit, looks wonderful on women of small, medium, large, pregnant sizes, with large or small bra size. And it is also that it is a design that enhances, favors and with which you feel very safe on your first day at the pool or beach.

It’s amazing, and it’s that she has a great body, Blanca Suárez wears it and now it’s in our basket. Of course.

Source : elle.com

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Unique prints and bright colors will become a trend this year, as the fashion of El Corte Inglés shows.

Blanca Suárez is the protagonist of spring. We already live in spring and with it the best trends for this time of year have appeared. A moment that will be marked by garments with very bright colors and full of prints. If you still haven’t found those looks with which you feel comfortable at this time of year and with which you can succeed, at El Corte Inglés they offer you a wide variety of offers where you will surely be able to find the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Blanca Suárez has been in charge of showing those garments that will become a trend this year, being the visible face of El Corte Inglés‘s ‘Ya es primavera’ campaign. Floral prints and colors like pastel pink, green, red and orange fill this early spring with vitality and positivity.

The truth is that this time of year is characterized by being the one that begins the good weather, a moment that is reflected in clothing, where sober colors are left behind to welcome lighter ones. From El Corte Inglés they offer a wide variety of garments that can be combined and mixed to create the look that best suits each person.

This set of pants and blouse like the one Blanca Suárez wears is ideal to be able to be comfortable as well as elegant. The actress shows the best way to wear these ‘looks’ for this spring. Some styles with which to be elegant as well as comfortable and more ‘fresh’ in this season of the year that arrives with force. Some ideas with which each person will surely be able to find the ideal option to succeed during this time of year with her styling. And also stand out the long but not tight dresses with which to go less warm now that we are saying goodbye little by little to the cold.

Therefore, this has become the best option to renew the wardrobe now that the good weather arrives, filling it with garments full of floral prints and pastel colors with which to succeed this spring.

Source : diezminutos.es

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Blanca Suárez triumphs as a Cazanazi vigilante in Jaguar, the new Netflix series, and she already has two films pending release. She says that she prefers not to stop. Everything she does transcends and what she touches turns to gold.

He assures that it is quiet, but sometimes it buzzes inside. Nobody would say. It can’t stand heavy people, or those people who repeat things a lot. “I need calm people around me, who don’t hound me”, she warns. Almost everything he does or says – with a nonchalance that seems sincere – is followed by millions. “As the repercussion or the success of what I do does not depend on me, I do not go crazy with this either”.

In her new series, Jaguar, she plays a survivor of the Nazi camp at Mauthausen, who only lives for revenge in the Madrid of the 60s. “She is a wounded, lonely woman, who never relaxes. Until she joins a group of secret agents who, like her, seek justice”. The series has just premiered on Netflix.

“It is true that I have been working almost non-stop for more than ten years, but I cannot say if I am at my best, or that I have reached the place where I wanted to be. I have just premiered a series and I have finished shooting two films, El Test by Dani de la Orden, and El Cuarto Pasajero by Álex de la Iglesia. This profession is very mutant. Everything changes from one moment to another. Now I am not immersed in any filming and that totally conditions your life. The perception that the actors are always filming. The actor’s life comes with a delay, because what you see now is what we did a year ago. That is why it is curious to talk about a current moment in your life, you always go as out of sync with the reality”.

“One always trusts that that dream project is going to arrive, but probably what you have idealized will never happen. So you are lucky enough to be called. If I have checked something, it is that work calls work. I reaffirm that you have to work and work. You learn this job by working, staying active, not waiting for the dream role or the one that best suits your mood. It’s hard for me to say no to a project. If roughly it fits me and suits me by dates, I don’t have to reject it. Normally I value all the projects offered to me. I know that I am lucky enough to allow myself to reject some work, but if it is viable by dates and there is nothing terrifying surrounding it, I tend to say yes”.

“I feel unable to say which is the movie that I would have liked or would like to be in. Today I see one that I love and I say: That is the movie that I would like to do! But the next day I see another and I also like… I don’t feel empowered to choose an ideal film, because it could act in thousands. I don’t like to limit, it gives me more pressure. For example, I see myself in something like Una joven prometedora, but also in Mamma Mia! My bow it’s very broad”.

Jaguar is pure adrenaline. Before filming we talked a lot about the character, about what tone to give the series. We opted for action over the intimate tone. My character, Isabel Garrido, is a traumatized, lonely woman, always in the shadows, on the defensive. Her only meaning in life is revenge. She managed to escape from a Nazi concentration camp. To build the character, I studied her past very well, because everything she does in the present is a consequence of terrifying experiences Of your past”.

“I try not to have any point in common with my character, neither with this nor with any of those I have played. If you start putting things of yours on the paper, you open the door and end up making yourself. You have to get into it. You have to get into the character, and if then the unconscious plays a trick on you and you end up putting something of yours on it, then what are you going to do to it”.

“I have spent a lot of time alone, because this job is like that. You spend a lot of time away from home. But I prefer to be with people. I am not one of those who go alone on vacation. I have gotten used to being alone for a long time and I do not go up for the walls”.

“In the series there are a lot of fight scenes. I have mostly shot them myself, but with the help of a stuntman. Each of us had a stunt double for the stunts, and an action coordinator at the time of filming. Sometimes the doubles taught us to score the shot, and since I like this I learned a lot”.

“In the United States, coordinators of sex scenes are already common. In Spain there are beginning to be some in some filming, especially to reach a consensus, because not everyone feels comfortable doing a sex scene or talking about it. Yes, sometimes it’s already difficult to talk about it in your private life, because imagine yourself with someone you don’t know. It’s good to know where they are going to record you from and what is going to happen, to feel as comfortable as possible”.

“I have no idea why what I do has an impact and I have so many followers. I have no idea how success works. It is something that does not depend on me. If I put all my energy into being talked about, I would understand, but it is not my case. I can not explain it. I wish I could do the calculation and develop a formula to know that if I do this it will work and if I do this another it will not. Maybe the trick is to ignore it and do it spontaneously”.

“The bad part about exposing yourself publicly is that there are also a lot of bad ideas on social media. I show what I want to show, but it is not easy to find a balance. When you promote the conscious desire to be in the eye of the hurricane, you should know that you can receive praise but also criticism. But when you do not expose yourself on a personal level, quite the opposite, because you want to lead a discreet life, you also have to learn to manage that without you intending to receive comments, which is even more twisted. The conclusion is simple: whatever you do, there are people who are going to love it and others who are going to mess with you”.

“When I went out to the street after confinement I was struck by not feeling observed. I am not saying that I cannot go out, because I lead a normal life and sometimes things happen, but it is not the usual thing. One day suddenly I found myself in the supermarket and nobody noticed me, neither on the street… You get used to not being noticed by being looked at, and when that doesn’t happen it misses you a lot. I have a micro-place in the brain that is unconsciously pending of those people who recognize me, almost out of habit, and suddenly you realize that no one is looking at you. It is a very strange twist. Now that you can go without a mask on the street they have annoyed me again… (Laughter) It’s funny how easy it can be to disappear. To be an observer instead of an observed”.

“I am calm by nature, although sometimes I am very nervous inside. The disorder drives me crazy. Also heavy people, those who repeat things a lot are the ones who overwhelm me the most. I need calm people around me, who do not hound. On the other hand, I’m very impatient myself”.

“What I like least about acting are the schedules and being away from home. You go against the tide of the world, and that is very desperate. When I have a strong work streak there is no time for anything, neither to see your family nor to go to the gym. Lack of rest and sleep is bad for me. The other things in my profession are good. With enough rest, the rest goes smoothly”.

“I am not one of those people who felt a vocation, or who say they have always wanted to be actresses. I wanted to be an actress when I started working and I saw that it flowed, that I was comfortable. When I saw that they kept calling me to work I said to myself: That’s it, let yourself go and if one day it doesn’t flow, you look for something else. I wouldn’t mind dedicating myself to any other creative thing, for example something related to crafts, which calms me down a lot. This philosophy is very positive, I’m lucky because I have it naturally. This profession can be very frustrating. No matter how hard you try, you will not get the job of your dreams, because not everything is in your power, and you should not beat yourself up for it. The only thing you can do it is putting everything on your part to make it happen and enjoying what you have”.

Source : telva.com