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We publish the exclusive of the start of its filming and today we confirm the complete cast of the comedy Me he hecho viral, which is being directed by the Galician Jorge Coira (Código emperador) with Blanca Suárez and Nico Furtado. The cast of this Atresmedia and Bowfinger Pictures production is completed by Enric Auquer, Miguel Rellán, Cristina Gallego and Esperanza Guardado. The script is the work of Araceli Gonda, who wrote the story inspired by a true story that appeared in the press.

Jorge Coira explains what this story means to him: “There are few things healthier and more appealing in life than having a laugh. And there are few things more fun than embarrassment (other people, of course). But I don’t think it’s out of cruelty but out of empathy. We enjoy seeing someone suffer, especially if we like them. If we have affection for him. And I think, deep down, that’s what drives this movie”.

What will it go?

Mabel has gone viral. And in the least desired way possible. During her flight to Polynesia, she unlocks her sleeping husband’s cell phone with innocent intent, but what she finds is proof of infidelity.

Mabel makes a mess of it mid-flight and gets into a fight with anyone who tries to stop her, causing a panic on the plane. Her action causes the crash landing and she is forcibly lowered. When she returns to Madrid she discovers that she is no longer an anonymous girl: someone has recorded her “deed of her” and now she has become vital: everyone knows her as #lalocadelavion.

Her virality has immediate consequences: she is fired from her job and she ends up losing everything she had: love, work, home, friends and… privacy. Mabel fights to get back what she’s lost… but it’s not easy being viral.

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Blanca Suárez, Alberto San Juan, Ernesto Alterio and Rubén Cortada star in this road movie.

Still with Veneciafrenia on the poster, the first images of BlaBlaCar arrive, the new film by Álex de la Iglesia which, after definitively changing its title (initially it was going to be called El Cuarto Pasajero), will be released on next October 28.

With a script written hand in hand between Álex de la Iglesia himself and his usual screenwriter, Jorge Guerricaechevarría, BlaBlaCar is presented, in the words of the director himself and his partner and partner Carolina Bang, as the “search for the Holy Trinity : a story, a bit of risk and a lot of fun. BlaBlaCar pursues that: characters embarking on a journey through life as if it were a highway; some classic comedy; and above all a cast that has given everything so that The public enjoys it.”

The main character of this road movie is Julián (Alberto San Juan), a 50-year-old divorcee who uses the famous app to share his car with strangers and, especially, with Lorena (Blanca Suárez), a young woman who often travels to Madrid and with whom he is madly in love. An error when choosing the rest of the occupants (Ernesto Alterio and Rubén Cortada) will include an unbearable new passenger who will cause a series of unexpected events.

Shot in different locations in the Community of Madrid, the Basque Country and La Rioja, BlaBlaCar is the new bet by the Bilbao native, who continues to juggle when it comes to chaining projects and filming since he premiered in 2020 30 Monedas, the series HBO Max starring Eduard Fernández, whose filming of the long-awaited second season was announced last March.

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Szépen lassan kapjuk a 2. évados Las chicas del cable képeket. Most 6db új still került fel a galériába Blancáról.

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Kaptunk 5 új képet a Las chicas del cable 2. évadához: egy promóciós, egy still és három kulisszák mögötti képet.

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Végre kaptunk pár képet a Las chicas del cable 2. évadához. A Netflixes sorozatnak még mindig nincs pontos premierdátuma, de valamikor decemberben várható. a galériába négy kép került fel. Reméljük hamarosan érkezik egy előzetes is.

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Tegnap ismét megjelent egy adag still kép a Las chicas del cable-hoz. Blancáról 8db új került fel a galériába.