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Little by little Blanca Suárez has been conquering the hearts of the spectators with her talent and her magnetism in front of the camera. Her versatility, determination and sensitivity have led her to rank among the best Spanish actresses and she is one of the best-known faces of our cinema. After her debut in the series El Internado (Antena 3), she quickly jumped to the movies. Later, Pedro Almodóvar’s magic wand touched his shoulder and he participated in La Piel que Habito (2011) and Los Amantes Pasajeros (2013) and afterwards he has been splicing draft projects and working under the orders of directors such as Imanol Uribe, José Luis Cuerda or Álex de la Iglesia, with whom he has just shot El Cuarto Pasajero.

A star out of the ordinary
Blanca Suárez has also lavished on flashy series such as Lo que Escondían sus Ojos (Telecinco), in which she played the sophisticated Sonsoles de Icaza, Marchioness of Llanzol, Carlos, Rey Emperador (Telecinco), in which she gave life to Isabel from Portugal, and many others, such as the television super hit Las Chicas del Cable (Netflix), which was a great moment in his career. Nominated for the Goya Awards, we have also seen her in short films, in fashion editorials, in various video clips, and reign on the red carpets with her splendid figure, her imitated styles and her natural appeal.

Rendezvous in French Brittany
To get to know her more closely and share her little beauty secrets, we spoke with Blanca Suárez in an incomparable setting, the Breton island of Ouessant, one of the purest ecosystems in the world, a UNESCO Biosphere Natural Reserve, where the French cosmetic firm Guerlain discovered the exclusive Black Bee honey, the star ingredient of its Abeille Royale line, together with royal jelly and vitamin C and made a commitment to look after the bees, which are in danger of extinction today, creating the Conservation Program Guerlain for Bees.

Take care of your skin from 30
At 32 years old, Blanca Suárez is aware that beauty must be cared for and defended every day from the passage of time, carrying out a careful beauty routine and with high-quality products with which she also identifies personally for her commitment and respect for the environment. That is why she relies on products formulated with this honey, which prevent and reduce the effects of aging. Because Black Bee honey is a nectar rich in amino acids and essential active ingredients that are very suitable for repairing and restoring the skin.

Blanca, of all those you have played, who is your favorite character?
I do not know if I have a favorite character or role today, throughout all these years there are characters that you remember with great affection and then there are other projects in which you remember the experience itself more.

What would you have liked to do if you weren’t an actress?
It is a question that I have never been able to answer well, because I do not know very well what it would be. I have fantasized about other professions in my head, but the truth is that here I am still entangled with interpretation…

What is your favorite beauty product?
My favorite beauty product is not one, there are several, I think the one I use the most is. I actually use it twice a day, in the morning and at night, after removing my makeup. And I usually use moisturizing eye patches a lot, which decongest that area a lot.

What does it mean for you to be an ambassador for a cosmetic firm like Guerlain?
Before working with Guerlain I did not know any special information about bees, I have to admit it, but it is true that as a result of working with them and being part of their family I have learned a lot of information. I did not know that they were the main pollinators on this planet. Seventy percent of plants depend on them.

What are the 3 qualities that you value the most in a beauty product?
Three things that I look for in a beauty product would be obviously, that it is effective, I like that it is light and that it does not grease the skin, that you do not feel that you are wearing a product, that it integrates perfectly with your skin type. And that we also feel identified with the philosophy of the brand, with the product we are using.

What do you like most about Guerlain?
I like many things about Guerlain. They have taught me that they are a brand that advocates sustainability, to protect the planet. What planet we have only one! And that we have to take care of it.

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Blanca pár napja Mexikóba utazott, hogy részt vegyen a Fenix díjátadón. A tegnapi napon készült vele és Angela Cremonte (Las chicas del cable) színésznővel egy interjú, amiről kaptunk egy képet és a videót is visszanézhetitek.

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Készült egy interjú az Elle magazinnak a Las chicas del cable főszereplőivel:

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A sensacine.com közzétett egy interjút a Las chicas del cable négy főszereplőjével, amit még március elején Berlinben vettek fel.

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A premier utáni napon készült Blancával és Mario Casas-szal egy interjú, ami a NOTICINE.com oldalon jelent meg. A videón kívül 2 képet is megnézhettek Blancáról.

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Nos, mesélnétek arról mi is lapul ebben a bárban?

Blanca: Ez a bár a Palentino negyedben van, ahová az emberek már vagy 500 millió alkalommal bejártak kávézni, meginni valamit, reggel, délben, este. Általában ugyanazok az emberek tartózkodnak benn, de a véletlen azt hozza, hogy egy napon teljesen idegen emberek ragadnak a bárban, és fogalmuk sincs arról, hogy odakint, mi zajlik.

Mit tudnátok mondani a karaktereitekről? Te, Mario egy kicsit együgyű hipster-t alakítasz, igaz?

Mario: Nem. Vagyis. Fogalmazhatunk így is. Végülis a hipsterek nem éppen a tipikus logikai észjárású és normális emberek. Vannak különböző személyiségű hipsterek. De az én karakterem egy olyan, aki kávét iszik Palentinoban. Ez az első alkalom, hogy ebben a bárban van. Elképzelem milyen „cool” lehet egy hipsternek vagy egy modern srácnak Starbuck helyett ilyen helyen meginni egy kávét. A maszkom egy szakáll, haj, szemüveg, de ez a karakterem divatja. De, ami igazán rejlik benne (a megjelenés alatt) az a gyávaság. Ő egy publicista, kampányokban vesz részt sok más mellett, és amikor kirobbant egy problémát, megölnek egy fickót a bár ajtajában, és akkor kezdődik az összes szereplő tüzetes átvizsgálása. Sok szempontból a gúnyolódás központjában van, mert minden módon gyáva.

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