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By Laurine on April 06, 2022 0 Comments

Blanca Suárez in a bikini and swimsuit, well in several, as the image of Etam and model of the new one-size-fits-all bikini that has a great body.

So many things to tell about this new collection and this campaign image. And so much to comment on the new design of the Etam firm that promises to revolutionize and transform our summer and that of all our lives. Let’s start talking about her, Blanca Suárez, as the image of the Etam firm in its new campaign for the Riviera collection, which is also exclusive for the Spanish market.

We cannot imagine a better model to present the swimsuits and bikinis that we will want to wear this summer, to get an idea of ​​how good they feel. But there is more, a lot more.

It turns out that among the different trend designs, which are all cut outs, triangles, asymmetries, bohemian prints, flowers… There is a new design that the creators of the French firm Etam have invented. This is a one size fits all bikini and swimsuit. What you read. Etam revolutionizes swimwear with this model with a refined sports-inspired silhouette and embossed fabric with a pleasant touch, which adapts to all sizes, curves, body shapes…

In fact, in addition to being worn by Blanca Suárez, on the firm’s website you can see how this same design, in its two-piece bikini and one-piece swimsuit, looks wonderful on women of small, medium, large, pregnant sizes, with large or small bra size. And it is also that it is a design that enhances, favors and with which you feel very safe on your first day at the pool or beach.

It’s amazing, and it’s that she has a great body, Blanca Suárez wears it and now it’s in our basket. Of course.

Source : elle.com